Orphanages throughout the world are overflowing with infants and children who are in need of a loving family to call their own. The orphanages are a product of extreme poverty, political reforms and population restrictions.

The orphanage staff tries its best to care for the immediate needs of each child, but it does not have the resources or manpower necessary to meet their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.

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Many American families have a heart for these orphans and are more than willing to adopt and raise them in a loving home. However, the daunting costs of international adoption prohibit most families from following their hearts and many hopeful orphans from finding a home.

International Care, Inc. (I CARE) was originally founded to bridge the gap between these two fervent desires and to help create forever families.

Our Board has come to realize that there are several organizations that help in an excellent way with the financial piece of this puzzle. Therefore, our primary focus has shifted to more of an awareness role.

We are currently focusing on coming alongside churches, groups and individuals that are seeking to do Orphan work. We can provided counsel and in many cases manpower to help groups launch or enhance their efforts.

We have many contacts around the world and can most likely help you make connections if you need a place to start.

We also are willing to consider having one of our volunteer’s to mentor your team (possibly even lead your team) on a trip to serve an International Orphan work.