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Other Adoption Assistance Programs

Adoption Tax Credit (a $10,000 tax credit for adoption expenses)

National Endowment for Financial Education:? How to Make Adoption an Affordable Option

Gift of Adoption Fund (formerly the JSW: Adoption Grant Foundation)

Christian Adoption Resources, Inc. (a grant program)

A Child Waits Foundation (low interest loans)

Child Adoption Funds (allows families to create their own tax exempt entity to help finance their adoption)

Shaohannah’s Hope

Adoption Financing Organizations

The Financial Impact of Adoptive Parenthood:? Other Links to Funding Sources

List of U.S. Senators by State:
Allows you to email your Senator to find out if your state participates in a federally funded program for the ?reimbursement of non-reoccurring adoption expenses? up to $2,000.

Adoption Benefits:? Employers as Partners in Family Building

General Adoption Information

INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service)–to request I600A forms

Vitalcheck:? Order vital records online (for dossier preparation)

National Center for Health Statistics:? Where to Write for Vital Records

International Adoption Medical Specialists (Doctors who Review Int’l Medical Reports)

Article on International Adoption from Christianity Today

Adoptive Families Magazine

Travel Info (The Bureau of Consular Affairs)

AdoptShoppe: Adoption Announcements and Life Books

Miracle of Adoption: Adoption Announcements, Cards and Adoption Products

Adoption World Specialties Ltd: Unique Adoption Resources

Special Friends


LOVEM Care Ministries

The ABBA Fund