Int’l Care is committed to helping international orphans find a loving home and serve them where adoption isn’t possible.  Our main focus is to make international adoption a priority so more families will be able to adopt and more international orphans will finally know what it is like to have a forever family of their very own.  At the same time, we realize these orphans and the orphanages that house them, need our support long before they are matched with an adoptive family.  I Care seeks to lend a hand by becoming a partner with organizations that are already providing humanitarian aid to international orphanages or those organizations that could use our assistance in caring for orphans.

Harmony Outreach is a non-profit charity, established for the purpose of blessing China and connecting people and organizations from the West to this ancient country and her beautiful people. Harmony’s work represents the collective blessings of people from around the world who have all come together in a team effort to reach out with hands of love and help to China.

Outreach to China’s Orphans
We have established a home for abandoned and special needs orphans which we call Harmony House. Our work is not just to save lives so much as it is to transform their lives. 

Our goal is “to visit these orphans in their affliction” and transform their tragic stories into beautiful stories of redemption and love. We do this through our Three Steps to Hope program. Step one is foster care at our children’s home. Step two is surgery, where we correct or mitigate their special needs conditions. Step three is adoption to a loving family. Typically it takes about two years for a child to graduate from our Three Steps to Hope program. What is so exciting about this statistic is that it means that on average, every year half the children in our care graduate! And once a child graduates from our program and is adopted, we take in another child to take his/her place so that we are able to transform the lives of child after child.

Outreach to the Inland of China
There are a lot of great organizations working to bring blessing and help to China. But due to the uneven pace of development in China, much of this help comes to the major developed cities of China like Beijing and Shanghai. There is an old saying that it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. And so while the needs of China’s inland are vast, we are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to light a candle in those places in the inland which have been left behind the places where the majority of the population dwells. Towards this end we have established various works for the poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged in Hebei, Tianjin, Henan, and Qinghai provinces.

Outreach to the Chinese Government and Society
A lawyer by background, occasionally God calls on us to reach out those elements of Chinese society which shape government policy including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chinese Ambassador in Washington DC, the Secretary General of the State Administration of Religious Affairs (SARA), the Communist Party and the China Association of Social Workers. Our goal is to bless and engage the Chinese government by encouraging dialogue which will help the government to realize its goal of “Promoting a Harmonious Society”. We also hope to improve the relationship between China’s government and Christian organizations in the West and to break down some of the suspicion that has divided these two groups. One distinctive of Harmony Outreach is that our work with the government is above-ground and respectful of their laws and government.

China has thousands of beautiful orphans who need someone to love and care for them. The Philip Hayden Foundation was established to do this very thing. Its staff is a team of Westerners who left their lives and careers in America to come to China to fulfill the call of James 1:27 of “visiting orphans in their affliction.” All of their Western staff raise their own support so that nearly 100% of all donations goes directly or indirectly toward the support of the orphans in their care.

In addition to working with orphans, they hope to foster good relations between the West and China by encouraging teams to visit their work, with the hope that they will engage the people and culture of China.